Many people, couples and families have already welcomed one or more Colori-kittens into their homes.
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Grace - USA
Has 2 shorthair brothers since October ‘23:
A chocolate boy and a lilac boy

"I cannot express how thrilled and grateful I am with my experience Coloricats. I adopted two adorable British Shorthair kittens, Sikhye my lilac boy and Nurungji my chocolate boy, and I couldn't be happier that I took the leap of faith with Michelle. I have had negative experiences with breeders in the U.S. in the past, so adopting from abroad was a risk that I spent a great deal of time and research in deciding which breeder to commit to. From start to finish, Michelle’s professionalism, care, and dedication outshined everyone else. 

One of the first things I noticed was how warm, clean and inviting she kept her home for her cats. I followed her instagram for a while and can tell you anyone with an eye for interior design like Michelle means they are a COOL cat mom 🙂 She pays a great deal of individual love and attention to each and every one of her babies. It's hard to tell personalities in young kittens, but you can trust that with Michelle, they will 100% be gentle, playful and very affectionate - a testament to Michelle's dedication to their early socialization. The kittens she provided are absolutely exquisite. The first touch of their coat was completely surprising to me. Their coats are so plush, dense, and soft like mink fur. They have absolutely stunning body composition, with their round faces and bellies! They will be even more striking when their Amber eyes start to come in.

Michelle has a rule that no kitten goes to a home without another young cat. I completely agree with that rule. Adopting a pair of kittens of the same age was the best decision I could make for myself and for them. Nurungji & Sikhye play so well together and never leave each other's side! Whether its using the litterbox, watching hummingbirds, or asking me for pets, they do it all together. My hands are always working double time to satisfy their love for scratchies. They are adorable 🥹

I love that she doesn't keep a deposited waitlist and instead she took the time to get to know me. It also gave me the opportunity to build my trust in her. Throughout the entire process, Michelle was an absolute delight to work with. Transporting kittens internationally meant I had to wait 4 weeks longer for my kittens to be of safe age to travel. Michelle sent me frequent photos and video updates of the kittens so I could watch how they grow! She handled all of the international travel requirements, passports, and sent both kittens in one large transport carrier packed with transitional food! The cost of the transport company was about $1,170 USD and there was a USA only requirement for a Customs Broker (additional $250 USD) I had to arrange for in order to pick-up my kittens at LAX. Luckily, Michelle was able to provide me with recommendations & the arrangement was quick and easy! It can be extremely nervewracking transporting live animals, but they made it to LAX completely healthy! I was lucky that there was a Veterinarian doing a random inspection at Air Cargo France the day of pick up and she verified the kittens were healthy. Michelle was incredibly responsive to all my questions and concerns, offering guidance and support every step of the way.

Michelle is not only an incredible breeder, but just an all-around good person. You want to know that your cats are being raised from by a good person and in a good home. I am completely grateful to have found her and have become obsessed with my babies. I love them so much and will probably be back soon for kittens #3 and #4. 😂”

Anja (&family) - The Netherlands
Have a cream shorthair boy since January ‘23

“I had been following Michelle on Insta for a long time already when her N-litter was born in October '22. 
At that time she still worked with a waiting list. When I looked at her Instagram story after an evening shift at work, I saw that there were 2 kittens available. 
Made my heart skip a beat! 
However, I also read in her next stories that they were already under option for someone else. 
I was disappointed...
A few days later I read it didn’t work out with that person..  I immediately sent Michelle a DM saying that I’d really like to give both kittens a forever home and also told her who I/we are. Michelle responded by telling  that in the meantime she decided to keep 1 of the 2 kittens, the girl, herself. So only the cream boy was still available. 
After some contact, the boy was reserved for us. 
In the meantime, Michelle told me who the little man's parents and grandparents are and many photos followed, he was 5 weeks old at the time.
We visited her home that week and met each other in person and ofcourse we saw Boris for the 1st time ♥️
We look back on a nice and pleasant introduction.

In the weeks before Boris moved to our home, many photos and videos were sent to us by Michelle and we had  a pleasant contact via WhatsApp.
 Boris moved to us on January 3rd. 
With a lot of advice from her side, and Michelle telling us we were always allowed to reach out to her in case something was up with Boris (even if this would be in the middle of the night), and with a last hug from Michelle and a kitten presentbox, we said goodbye and drove home.

The car ride wasn’t Boris's thing (meowing the entire ride). Once home we put his carrier on the floor and he immediately jumped out. There wasn’t a single moment of insecurity or fear and Boris immediately felt comfortable at home. He played, cuddled, sat on our lap, as if he had been living with us for months. 
Special to experience that. 
In the months that followed, we stayed in touch with Michelle and I regularly send her a photo or a message telling her how fantastic he’s doing, and especially how handsome this little man is.

He loves to cuddle, wants to be picked up when he makes this certain meow and likes to lie over your shoulder. Boris loves your presence and will always be near you or next to you when you are busy with something.
Together with his sister Pip, also a bsh and 1 year older, they are a true team.
Boris is now 1 year old and is a wonderful and loving little dude.
If we ever decide to add another bsh to our family, it will definitely  be a colori kitten from Michelle again..”

Pamela (&family) - USA

Have a chocolate tortie longhair girl since September ‘23

“Adopting a kitten from Michelle of Colori Cattery was my first experience with bred cats. Even still, I know without a doubt I wouldn’t have found a better British cattery, or a better experience. It was already very overwhelming adopting a cat from so far away and for the first time, but Michelle was so easy to trust. She puts so much love into not only the care of her kitties, but also the way she builds relationship with potential new homes. She sends frequent photos and videos of the kitten(s) you’ve adopted so that you can watch them grow before you’re able to bring them home. She is knowledgeable, kind, and truly manages her cattery with the utmost care. You can tell how passionate she is about the well-being of these sweet little animals. I’m so lucky to have found Michelle and gotten one of her kitties!”

Linda - The Netherlands
Has a cream white shorthair boy since May '23

“It is with joy and pleasure to write a review.
This year I got a kitten from Michelle. 
I found Michelle through a cattery friend of hers (a cattery from which I also just gotten a kitten from at that time). Michelle had 1 kitten (Pepper) available at that moment and he was about the same age as the other kitten I had recently welcomed into my home.
From the first moment the communication with Michelle was very nice. She’s involved and wants the best for her cats and kittens.
First we talked on the phone and then we met each other in her home, where you also meet the kittens and the other cats.
The kittens grow up in a homely environment together with the other cats . A lot of attention is paid to the socialization of the cats and a number of health checks also take place. At Michelle's home the cats have plenty of space to play and climb.

When I picked up Pepper, Michelle provided me with additional information to make the transition to his new home for Pepper as smooth as possible and she also provided me with a very extensive kitten gift package.
After Pepper was renamed by me to ‘Luc’, Michelle was still involved and you can always message her with questions. So nice.
Luc is now growing up into a wonderfully sweet and beautiful cat. He is extremely cuddly and likes to snuggle all up to you on the couch. He is also very social with the other cats in the house.

Conclusion: Such a good and pleasant experience, with both the cattery and Michelle herself, and Luc is a sweetheart, I am very happy with him!”

Emily - USA

Has a blue tortie white shorthair girl since December ‘20 and a chocolate shorthair girl since July ‘23

"I have gotten two kittens from Michelle (Cattery Tutti Colori), one at the end of 2020 and one in the summer of 2023. Michelle has been amazing to work with, and I will ALWAYS recommend her to people thinking about getting a British Shorthair. Though paying for overseas travel for a kitten sounds “extra” to some people, I know it is worth it to invest in a kitten that is coming from the best possible environment, bred by someone (Michelle) who breeds with integrity and with the health and well-being of all of her kittens in mind.

I had known for a long time that I was interested in British Shorthairs, and it was so important to me that the breeder I work with prioritize the health of their kittens. But it’s so hard to vet breeders and and make sure that they are doing what’s in their cats’ best interest— it’s all about who you can trust. And I knew immediately that Michelle was a person I could trust, even though she was a whole ocean away! I had followed Michelle long before she started breeding just to follow along with her little family of British Shorthairs. I always admired how transparent she was on social media— not only posting the glamour shots, but also sharing informative content and bits of “real life.”

Years down the road I reached out to multiple breeders (including Michelle) with information about me and why I was interested in a kitten from their cattery. A breeder who cares about their kittens’ wellbeing will make sure to find the best homes for their kittens, so I went out of my way to let these different breeders know how and why I would give their kitten an amazing home. And the breeder who was the most thankful for my heartfelt email was Michelle! She decided to send a kitten from her second litter overseas to me in the USA, because she felt that I was genuine and trustworthy enough to care for a kitten of hers. This really showed me that she wanted to pick the best homes for her kittens, not just what homes would be quickest or easiest. Since my first kitten from Michelle was the first kitten she had ever flown, she first talked with breeders she knows and made sure that it was safe for the kittens to be sent via cargo. Michelle also sent me the information of people to reach out to who could help me understand what the process looked like on my end in the US, so I was informed about what I would need to do. She put in so much time and effort into learning what was required to send a kitten overseas to send my first kitten over, and I am so thankful she did!

Throughout the whole journey (from reserving my kitten all the way to when I received her) Michelle was so communicative. She sent me so many photos and videos so I could watch my kitten grow, along with messages with updates and information. We also did a video call over Instagram so that I could see my kitten and we could “meet” each other virtually. She is so communicative and thorough, I truly don’t know how she has time to do everything she does! She really made me comfortable throughout the whole process, knowing my future kitten was in the best hands possible.

Michelle and I have kept in touch since I received my first kitten from her, and it’s been so nice to watch her cattery grow! When I started thinking about getting another kitten, I already knew that I would reach out to Michelle. I was lucky enough to be able to receive a second kitten from her just a few months ago (July 2023)!

Both of my kittens from Michelle are everything I could have hoped for. From the moment I picked each of them up from the airport, they were full of energy and ready to join the family. They adjusted so quickly, and have been amazing ever since. I think British Shorthairs have the best temperament of any cat breed, and my kittens from Michelle fit that to a T. They are loving, cuddly, mostly chill/relaxed, playful, and have never had any behavioral issues or concerns. It’s obvious that Michelle took great care of them and socialized them well. And if/when I decide to get another kitten… Michelle will be hearing from me 😂”

Camille -USA

Has a blue tortie shorthair girl since March ‘23

“My experience with Michelle of Cattery Tutti Colori has been one of the most positive experiences I have ever experienced. My Blue Tortie kitten purchase has been one of the most rewarding additions to my new breeding program. Not only is Michelle incredibly knowledgeable, but she also takes the time to answer any questions you may have. Michelle ensures that allher cats are medically cleared of any potential genetic medical issues. Additionally, she socializes her kittens so that they are affectionate and adapt quickly to their new homes. 
Michelle doesn't disappear after the purchase of your new kitten - she's always available to answer any questions you may have. As someone new to cat breeding, I consider her an excellent mentor. I trust her completely. Her advice has been spot on and extremely helpful.
I reside in NJ, USA and my new kitten came all the way from the Netherlands. Although I was apprehensive about the long journey, Michelle assured me that they use a reliable company to transport their kittens safely and happily. As I tracked her flight, I was elated to see that she had arrived on time as promised. Despite the long flight and two-hour drive home, she didn't seem fazed at all. In fact, she was simply amazing as she didn't even hide, but instead cuddled up and purred on me.
My kitten, Ocean, has been an absolute joy in my life. She is both healthy and beautiful, with a wonderful personality that can be attributed to the caring breeder who put so much love into raising her kittens.
Ocean is now a year old and I am Looking Forward to Winning at the Cat Shows and breeding her in the near future. 
Her delightful personality and impeccable conformation truly set her apart from the rest. In addition, my breeding aspirations are full of promise, as I have everything I could ask for with Ocean. This wouldn't have been possible without the exceptional care and knowledge of my breeder, Michelle. I highly recommend her as a trustworthy and knowledgeable breeder”

Max - The Netherlands
Has 2 brothers, 1 blue shorthair boy and 1 lilac shorthair boy since October ‘21

Together with my ex girlfriend back then, we were looking for a friend for our first cat we already had. 
We came into contact with Michelle through a good acquaintance of ours. After a nice introduction with Michelle by sending each other messages, we were considered for a kitten. Then we visited her home. 
The great thing about a kitten from Michelle is that you are involved through the entire process. We constantly received photos from her, she kept us informed all the time and were able to pick up the kitten after 12 weeks. After the break up with my ex girlfriend, the cats stayed with her. After living some time without cats in my new own home, I genuinely missed having cats. 
So I approached Michelle again. 
During this nice contact, Michelle put me on the waiting list again. In July 2021 I received a message from Michelle that Huey Louie and Gomez had been born, two boys in lilac and blue. From that moment on, Michelle has constantly kept me informed with nice photos and videos. Even after the adoption, Michelle regularly asks me how they are doing and you can always contact her with all your questions.

Michelle, through this message I would like to tell you again how beautiful it is to see your passion for these animals. I am also still grateful for my two sweet boys.

I would always recommend Michelle if you are looking for a British short or long hair”

Quynh & Chris - USA
Have brother and sister: A fawn bicolor shorthair boy and a blue tortie shorthair girl since October ‘21

“My fiancé and I adopted two kittens, Hugo and Maisie (Hannah Banana) from Michelle. They are one of the best things that happened to us. We looked for a British Shorthair cat for two years but nowhere in the US could we find unique and beautiful kittens like Colori Cat. Their colors are so variety and gorgeous. When Hugo and Maisie arrived, we expected them to be hiding for weeks but surprisingly, they walked straight out of their carrier and came to our arms. We will never forget when Hugo was a kitten and he slept peacefully in my fiancé’s arms. He walked him around the house doing his work like carrying a baby. They are our children and more than what we could ever ask for. Thank you Michelle for giving us an opportunity to be their parents”

Rebecca - Breeder / runs her own cattery - 

The Netherlands
Has a cream bicolor girl since September ‘21

"Back in 2021, I had already been following Michelle on Instagram for a while , and as a (at that point) starting breeder I really enjoyed following her Instagram page, but also the tips she always shared.
My dream was to add a cream colored girl to my cattery. One day I sent Michelle a message asking if she would entrust me with one of her kittens, and so she did. 
A few months later we were able to pick up Feline-Maddie (her name is now Peach), a cream white girl. Eventhough Peach has such a crazy character and I often laugh about the funny things she does, Peach has also given me two beautiful litters so far. 

What I like about Michelle is that no question is too much for her. You can tell that she has so much passion, love and knowledge about her cats and the specific breed British Shorthair. She always patiently answers all my questions (yes even now 2 years later 😂)..

I am still grateful to Michelle for entrusting me with Peach. Thanks to her I have been able to gain a lot of knowledge about this breed, about genetics and breeding. And now I know her for a while, I can say with 100% certainty that she runs her cattery with a lot of love for her cats. And you couldn't ask for a better start for your kitten.”