My queens will only have 1 litter a year. The well being of my cats is my priority, so therefore I only breed with cats that are healthy (checked by specialists) and in a good condition.

Both my queens and male are tested for PKD (kidney disease) and for HCM (hereditary heart muscle disease) and FIV / FeLV (cat AIDS / leukemia).

I breed on breed improvement, which means that I take a critical look at my cats and make combinations focused on the breed standard, with the aim of getting the most healthy and beautiful British Shorthairs.

Kittens will grow up in my living room, along with all other cats. In this way they get used to all domestic sounds and voices.

I don’t work with a waitinglist. I used to work with a waitinglist before, but in the end it didn’t work well for me anymore. So when I have kittens available, I will post them on my Instagram (stories) as ‘available’ and people that are interested can send me a dm or email. For more info, read also ‘reserving a kitten’ which you can find via the menu, or take a look at my highlight ‘policy’ on my instagram. There I also mention which countries I can and which I can’t sell kittens to. 

If you are genuinely interested in a kitten that is available, I would appreciate a message in which you introduce yourself / your family and you tell me something about the way you live and what you can offer to a cat. 
When I think there is a match between you and a kitten from my cattery, I would love to meet you in person if possible (for foreign people a videocall is a required). 
Obviously I only look for the most suitable homes for my kittens, but I also find a click between the owner and the kitten, but also between the new owner and me very important.

A cat has a nicer life if there is a companion for him. Ofcourse people work, and can't be at home all the time, therefore a playbuddy for the cat is almost essential.
Of course these do not have to be 2 British Shorthairs (a young shelter cat or farm cat will do just as well).

I do NOT place my kittens in homes where they will be the only cat or where only elderly cats live. My experience says that the energy level of an old cat and a kitten often don't match and you don't do them good to put them together (even if the old cat is still 'playful', this is still different from the playful character of a kitten). Do you already have an old cat and still want a kitten? Then take 2 kittens! In this way the kittens still have each other and the older cat and the kitten are not dependent on each other.
People who already have a (young) playbuddy / companion and/or will take one, have my priority.

In the weeks before the kittens move, I will send the new owners regular updates with photos and videos!

Kittens are ready to move at the age of 14 weeks (within The Netherlands) or 15-16 weeks (when they move to another country because of the necessary rabies vaccination)

From that point, the kittens are:
2x vaccinated
Completely examined by a vet
Very well socialized

Kittens will move including:
Mundikat Pedigree
European Passport

Presentbox (with food, care products, toys, etc)

I sell my kittens with a contract. I will discuss / go through  this contract with the buyer before the final sale. 
Do we have kittens available and are you interested in a kitten from my cattery? Please feel free to contact us by email at [email protected] or send me a dm via Instagram (Coloricats)