Get to know me

Hi! I'm Michelle, 30 years old and I live in Den Bosch, The Netherlands, together with my 13 cats (8 girls, 2 neutered boys and 3 studs) and dog.

When I bought my first home, I started looking for my first pet ever. I liked the idea of having a buddy to live with. Soon I found out that a cat suited my life the best way. After seeing photos of British Shorthairs, my heart skipped a beat.. I wanted one!

And so Louis came into my life. Louis was so sweet when I was at home.. but when I wasn't, he ruined my home. He was just bored being alone.. That's why Jones joined us too. 
Louis and Jones became best buds, they played a lot together and also Louis never ruined anything again.
Not long after finding Jones, I also found Mack.. and then my pet family seemed complete.

.. I thought..

My love for this breed grew bigger. 
I started learning about cat behaviour, this specific breed of British Shorthair, I got to know other breeders and I visited some catshows a few times.
My interest got bigger and grew out to a hobby. It was therefore a logical step for me to delve into breeding / having my own cattery.

In the past few years I also learned about genetics, color inheritance, the breed standard.. And eventually Mimi crossed my path. She was my first queen and with her my cattery started.

I fell in love with multicolored British Shorthairs (bicolors = a color + white), torties (a color + cream/red) and tricolors (tortie + white).. I breed towards these color patterns. That's why I named my cattery Tutti Colori.. it means 'all colors' in Italian!

In 2019, my cattery is officially registered at Mundikat, a big Dutch cat club society that is connected to FiFe (Féderation Internationale Féline)

Fun fact: You can follow my cats on Instagram! Find us at 'coloricats' 😸