Waiting List

Waiting List

- Due to the high number of requests that come in daily (especially via Instagram), I am forced to work with a clear waiting list that is drawn up well in time due to the work I put in (emails, video calls, etc). The waiting list for 2022 has already been filled. Unfortunately I am currently not taking any new requests

To be able to have a waitinglist that really works, and also to make sure only the real serious people come on it:

1. Are you serious in waiting for a kitten from my cattery? Send me a message / email in which you tell me something about yourself / living situation / where do you live / do you have a cat already / etc

2. If I think you can offer a loving home, I can put you on my waitinglist. Max 15 people can be on the list right now. Once people are offered a kitten, new people can come on to the list (but full=full)

3. I ask for a €75 fee to be on the list. This is a non refundable fee, but ofcourse it will be distracted from the purchase price once you get your kitten

4. If all goes as expected, you can have a kitten within a year. When it will take longer, you can get the deposit fee back ofcourse if you like to get off the list by then

So getting a place on the waitinglist doesn’t cost anything, it’s like a small deposit on your new future kitten.

If you’d like to be on the list, you can tell me your preference in color (blue, lilac, a tortie, a bicolor?). 

I don’t have a nr. 1 or a nr. 10 on the list, everybody is equal. Ofcourse I consider everybody’s preferences and also I look for the best match!

Prices start at €1000,- (for pethomes in The Netherlands) to higher in case kittens move to other countries. 
Prices vary because:
Kittens that go abroad, will need an extra vaccination. Also they move a little later, at 16 weeks minimum instead of 13 weeks. They need longer care in my home.
Also more paperwork comes with it when they go abroad and an extra vet visit to make sure they can fly / cross borders. For flight arrangements (like USA) i only work with a professional pet transport company or a professional courier. I will arrange the transport, guide you with the possibilities..
After collecting a kitten from my cattery, I will always still be here for you to help or answer questions and guide you with the care ofcourse. Breeding kittens doesn’t mean just breeding them.. I have loved them since birth and will still love them when they live in their new home.

A kitten is busy, very active, sometimes scratches furniture (they still have to learn a lot, but he’ll always be a cat!) and requires a lot of attention and care.
Of course I answer all questions from new owners and I assist you if necessary with the purchase of stuff / education of the kitten / care / etc