Reserving a kitten

Reserving a kitten

As soon as we have kittens, I will post this clearly on my Instagram page (coloricats). As soon as kittens are 5/6 weeks old I will post them available in my stories. Have you seen a kitten passing by in my stories before and are you in love and genuinely interested? Then ofcourse you can let me know via DM or email, in which you also tell something about yourself / your living situation / do you already have other cats / etc

Prices start from €1300,- (within the Netherlands) and go up when moving internationally.

When a kitten moves to a family abroad, the kitten needs:
- Extra vaccinations (rabies)
- Extra paperwork (based on the import restrictions of the country he/she will move to)
- An extra vet visit for the clinical health clarification (this health check needs to be done within a few days before travel)

To be able to move abroad, kittens need to be vaccinated against rabies. This specific vaccination can only be given from 12 weeks of age.

There is a 21 day wait (for European countries.. the USA even requires a 30 day wait) after the rabies vaccination before a kitten can travel abroad. 
This means a kitten can only travel abroad from 15-17 weeks of age (so also needs to stay with me for a longer time).
I guide / help you as much as needed to arrange transport. Sometimes (depending on the country) I can arrange a courier or a professional transport company. When foreign people fly in to the Netherlands to pick up their kitten, we can discuss the possibilities of me picking you up from the airport so you can visit my home (see the place where your kitten grew up), or me bringing the kitten to the airport. 

No problem ofcourse, but this explains why international cases are more expensive, compared to kittens that can move at 14 weeks to their new homes within my own country.

If we have nice chats and come to an agreement about a kitten, you can come by for a visit (if possible) or we can schedule a videocall to talk things over.
Do we see a match and do you decide to reserve the kitten? Then I’ll ask for a 50% deposit to complete the reservation, and the remainder follows when the kitten will be picked up / is ready to travel.

Of course you will be informed regularly by me in the meantime, and you will receive photos and videos every week!

After you’ve welcomed a kitten from my cattery into your home, we will (hopefully) not lose sight of each other. I am always here for help, answering your questions and I love receiving (photos) updates!

I get a lot of requests, please only send me an application if you have thought about it and discussed it well with any other family members

(Some people send an application and when I respond to it, other family members still have to be consulted..)

A kitten is very active, is all over the place, sometimes scratches furniture (they still have a lot to learn, but it remains a cat!) and requires a lot of attention and care. Of course I answer all questions from new owners and I guide you if necessary with the purchase of stuff / education of the kitten / care / etc