Kitten presentbox

Kitten presentbox

Are you getting a colori kitten?
Then you get a nice kitten presentbox too!
For me it's important that new owners have the right products / useful stuff at home to be able to enjoy your new furry friend as soon as you take him home!

A kitten presentbox contains:

- Dryfood 
- Grainfree wetfood from Cosma Nature 

Care products:
- A stainless steel comb for the right care of the coat
- Nail clipper


- Play tunnel cube
- Feather toy
- Valerian toy
- Different sorts of toys

If you decide to switch to other food, you can slowly mix this with the food you got in the kitten presentbox, so that the cat's intestines can slowly get used to the new food.

What more do you need to buy yourself?
- Litterbox
- Cat tree / scratching post
- Drinking fountain / drinking + food bowl
- Food (the kitten presentbox contains food for at least the first week)